Patient Care Coordination

In Uros Associats we are more than thirty Urologists surgeons, a Nephrologist, a Nutritionist, several nurses and, in total, more than fifty employees dedicated to making the procedures and processes as comfortable and efficient for you.

We understand that your health is paramount and with confidence and in good hands you always take better any unforeseen event or post-surgical recovery. For this you can count on all the members of our team and, especially, with Raquel Rubio and Victoria Trujillo. Its figure is responsible for:

  • Offer personalized attention, support and advice to private patients. In addition, if they need it, they will contact an external service arranged to process the stay of relatives and patients in hotels in the city, as well as other procedures outside the hospital.
  • Case and incident management.
  • Provide quotes.
  • Surgical programming of robotic surgeries and robotic fusion biopsies.