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To provide our patients with excellent medical care. The patient comes first.


To continue to expand as a result of the recognition of our patients, not only for our quality but also for our humanity. To increase our presence in scientific forums and to be recognized in scientific societies according to the volume and quality of the care we provide.


  1. Humane treatment: We always put people at the center of everything.
  2. Excellence: We make it a standard to review all surgical cases and complicated cases are reviewed in our daily clinical sessions. In addition, we do not neglect attending congresses and courses to continue offering quality and innovative medical care.
  3. Commitment: We have the ability to deliver on our promise, help you.
  4. Professionalism: We carry out our work as a personal challenge, our self-demand and passion guides us to achieve our mission.
  5. Humility: We put ourselves in the place of the person in front of us.
  6. Common Sense: It is a fundamental tool that we use in all our decisions.
  7. Respect: We promote an inclusive environment that values each person’s abilities and contributions.

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