Personal assessment of the Fellowship program in Endourology and Uro-Oncology Surgery at Uros Associats (Teknon Medical Center and Sagrada Familia Clinic)

Personal assessment of the Fellowship program in Endourology and Uro-Oncology Surgery at Uros Associats (Teknon Medical Center and Sagrada Familia Clinic)

Course November 2019-November 2020
Dr. Juan Leordes Felix Gonzalez

The Fellow program in Endourology and Uro-Oncology Surgery of the Private Urology Service -Uros Associats- is an intensive course of expert urological training, both theoretical and practical, which substantially complements the clinical and surgical training of the specialist after the years of residency. The scientific, entertaining and interactive atmosphere of the clinical sessions that take place twice a week in the meeting center of the Mitre General Headquarters, encourages the study and constant academic updating. The opinions of the expert and experienced specialists of the Uros group, who are widely aware of the recommendations contained in the European good urological practice guidelines, enrich the academic background of the fellow in training, and help him to apply this knowledge in a practical and profitable way in the daily care activity. The extensive surgical activity in the various work centers of the group offers the opportunity to constantly and gradually improve technical skills in complex surgeries, both endourological and laparoscopic, significantly shortening the learning curve and permeating the value of the appropriate use of surgical resources. As the team has subspecialists from all areas of Urology, the fellow is instructed directly by the most important experts of modern Spanish Urology, learning the rigor of complex surgery by steps. The Fellow is required to carry out uninterrupted scientific-research work within his weekly schedule, assuming the review and analysis of a specific area of care activity, which will finally be reflected in articles of national publication. This research work is supervised by the director of the program, head of the service and recognized national expert of Spanish Urology, Dr. Juan Antonio Peña, who maintains open and direct communication with the Fellow.

My experience In this great school it has been wonderful; I have been able to consolidate my skill in Several “earrings” after residency, learning from the best. The time in Uros has no waste; Every minute is used and every minute is grown day. The group has made me feel integrated, useful and empowered. I have perceived Great respect and acceptance of my professional opinions and I have received correction when necessary.

As unique suggestion provided the possibility of allowing the Fellow access as Main surgeon to laparoscopic surgeries a few months before established, perhaps after the first 6 months of the program.

Do Extensive my sincerest recommendations for all young urologists, who after completing their residency program wish to expand quickly and firm your clinical-surgical skill, to be applied to the Surgery Fellow course Urological of Uros Associats.

Doctor Juan Leordes Felix Gonzalez

First Fellow Uros Associats. 11/2019-11/2020