What should I expect in the postoperative period of a Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia surgery with laser?

What should I expect in the postoperative period of a Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia surgery with laser?

I must expect to be BETTER, MUCH BETTER!, A very good or spectacular jet! As well as progressive improvement of the urge to urinate so frequently. But, like any other type of surgery, we will go through a recovery period while the prostate wound heals. It can last up to three months.

The most common symptoms during recovery are dysuria (burning or stinging when urinating), increased voiding frequency (pollakiuria) and transient stress incontinence.
The stinging and the increase in frequency are normal, since we will ask you to drink more water than usual and because of the inflammation of the wound caused by the same laser. Anti-inflammatories and avoiding irritants in the diet usually help a lot.

It is also common for urine to come out a little pink or even brown in the morning. It’s not serious bleeding, it’s more of a dye that urine gets from a small bleeding from the wound that’s healing. Imagine how a glass is colored with water if we put a drop of Indian ink … It’s something very similar. Do not panic, do some rest, avoid constipation and drink more water this solves the problem the vast majority of times.

It is also possible that some drop of urine We escape, especially when making efforts and this has its reasoning: men almost never use the pelvic floor muscles (including the sphincter) and just now that our prostate is empty, they have to get to work all at once! And because they are weak, we can have these losses. We have to put them to work! Tune them up and for that we will explain how to strengthen those muscles with rehabilitation exercises and after three months most will not have any escape.

We should not expect many changes around our erections. However, there is evidence that there may be both a slight improvement and a slight worsening of sexual function after surgery. What is very common is the absence of ejaculation or “dry orgasm”. It is very frequent and we can do techniques that can preserve it, although we would sacrifice the quality of the surgery. We do this surgery to make you well, to make you BETTER. You will gain a lot in quality of life. But we must bear in mind that the same surgery is not ideal for everyone, we must sit down and talk so that we can offer you the surgery or treatment option that best suits your goals or needs. What is very clear today is that the best option in terms of safety and duration is laser surgery.

Doctor Roberto Castañeda Argáiz
Staff at Uros Associats